Andy Howden reads from his novel

London based writer Andy Howden reads from his new novel Melting in the Middle.

Long-listed for the Exeter Novel Prize, Melting in the Middle is a literary comedy about redemption and second chances, played out amid the madness of modern life.

For Stephen Carreras, life is in turmoil. His career with Britain’s worst chocolate company is heading for the rocks when it’s taken over by US confectionery giant Schmaltz. He’s just turned forty, he’s messed up on marriage and is struggling to keep a toehold in the lives of his monosyllabic teenage children.

Then he meets Rachel, who dances to a very different beat. She challenges him to do good among the carnage that surrounds him. But to do so, he must confront his past and work out all over again what really matters…

Praise for Melting in the Middle:

“The dialogue zips along at a pace that keeps the reader on their toes without running out of breath”
Ian McMillan, poet, author and presenter of The Verb on BBC Radio 3

“Whip-smart funny and brilliantly observed. Howden is a great storyteller, turning recognisable personalities and corporate events into sharp and clever comedy.”
Louise Fein, author of People Like Us

“I was completely charmed. Funny, poignant and uplifting.”
Cathie Hartigan, author of Notes From The Lost

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